What is Mind-Body Healing?
The mind and body are intimately connected and function harmoniously. We may recognize that we’re more likely to come down with a cold when we’re stressed or overworked, or that our pain worsens when we’re sad and anxious. These examples illustrate the mind-body connection. When it comes to healing our minds and our physical bodies, the mind-body connection becomes vitally important to consider.


Rooted in Buddhist tradition, Mindfulness is a practice of awareness involving acceptance, non-judgment, compassion, curiosity & focus on the present moment. Mindfulness practices have a positive effect on heart rate variability, which reflects autonomic, endocrine, and immune resilience to stress.


Heart Coherence (Heart-Brain Coherence, Resonance Frequency Breathing)-based tools have been shown to enhance creativity and other higher cognitive capacities, support greater physiological resilience and autonomic stability, and improve self(emotional)-regulation.


Many of us have learned to numb out, tune out, and largely ignore our physical bodies on a moment to moment basis. Consciously connecting to the physical body through somatic awareness practices is a key component in the process of healing trauma and associated dis-ease in the mind-body system.

The American Academy of Mind-Body Healing® principles of Mind-Body Healing:

The mind and body are interconnected. Living harmoniously means holding an awareness that the mind and body are one. Our thoughts affect our physical bodies and vice versa.

Emotions must be acknowledged. We must allow ourselves to feel our emotions fully. Ignoring or denying our emotions does not allow us to heal and to live fluidly.

Healing cannot be forced. We can’t use our minds to overpower our bodies in a “mind over matter” scenario, without acknowledging what the body requires and is trying to convey to us. Likewise, we must also have patience with the mind, becoming aware of the thought patterns we abide by and the beliefs we hold.

Symptoms, illnesses, and challenges are sacred messengers. It’s important not to blame ourselves for our illnesses or our struggles. We do not cause all of our illness and our suffering, but taking responsibility for our personal healing always allows for the greatest opportunities to learn and grow.

All healing is self-healing. Others may facilitate and support our healing, but ultimately the experience of healing comes from within us and through us. Healing isn’t something that happens “to” us, it’s something we allow to happen within ourselves, and it’s something we’re all capable of.

Healing is not linear. Healing is a lifelong experience. All experiences throughout life are intertwined with our healing. Healing is not linear, and it's not formulaic either. What "works" for us will be dynamic, and there’s always opportunity to heal different aspects and to heal more deeply, no matter how well or how ill we may feel.

On our mission & intention:
Healing has been commodified, and personally, I don't feel comfortable sharing this work in a way that evokes fear or makes any human feel they need to pay "x" amount of money to heal. It's important to us that this content is accessible to all, so all our meditation sessions, articles & videos are currently available to stream, watch, and read for free. Please know that if at any point in the future we do offer exclusive paid digital content, we'll always give this free of charge to those who reach out and share with our team that they aren't able to pay.

Thank you for sharing this work with others, and for taking the time to self-heal. As we heal individually, we heal collectively and break pervasive cycles of generational trauma.

Thank you so much for being a part of this growing community with us. 
I appreciate you.

always with love, 
Arianna Opper, D.O., Integrative Wellness Coach, AAMBH Founder

After losing her mother to cancer at a young age and suffering from several autoimmune & other chronic health conditions of her own, Arianna became fascinated with how the human body becomes diseased and heals, both from western/conventional & eastern/alternative medical perspectives. Implementing what she'd learned from studying Mind-Body Medicine, Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine alongside her Osteopathic training into her own healing and the healing of those she served, she recognized the power of an integrative approach to healing, with mind-body principles at its foundation. Today, Arianna consciously choses not to practice medicine, as she feels called to continue sharing this work through the American Academy of Mind-Body Healing®, an online media company designed to empower others to realize their innate healing power through the Mind-Body connection. Arianna is also the Founder & Lead Designer of the Consciously-Sourced Meditation Bead Company, Empower Malas. Arianna holds a B.S. degree in Biology from Canisius College and a D.O. degree from the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.


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