"My favorite deck of cards I own. I La-La-Love every message that appears . The deck is so inspirational and relatable & has beautiful colors & font !!"


"Such a sweet little deck with so many uses! I love the cheerful colors and excited for the positivity this is bringing into our home. I can think of so many ways to use this and am excited to try them all out. The whole family will benefit. Really sweet people to by from too, they exude genuine positivity, cheerfulness and appreciation for their customers."


"Elated upon receiving my cards! Cards were packaged just as described and were received upon a speedy delivery. I'd absolutely recommend 💕"

Nef Moor

"I love these!!! I use them for myself and with clients, who love them too!! Great purchase!"

Brandy T.

"I love, I love!!!! It’s just what I needed!!! Thank you so much!!!!"


"These sweet reminders of our potential are a great way to start the New Year. I love how they bring a bright focus to my day. Thank you for your work and art."

Carol Klein

"They are so beautiful and spot on. Beyond how wonderful the cards are, you will never have better customer service."

Autumn Jean

"I sent these directly to a client and she loves them! Thank you for the most beautiful deck of cards. Fast shipping and delivery too."

Alicia Isaacs-Howes

"These cards are beautiful and the perfect start to my day. I shuffle the deck and ask my higher self to tell me what affirmations are with me for the day."

Dominique Agee

"One of my new favorite decks! Every morning I draw an affirmation before I begin my day. These cards are beautiful and the affirmations are always on point."

Heather Woods

"Absolutely gorgeous, I am so happy with this deck! You can tell it was made with love. The cards are beautiful and I have already shared this find with our Mindset Group (they were received with many ooohs and ahhs!). Love supporting other small business owners."

Brittany S.

"These cards are seriously the best and also absolutely beautiful! I use them everyday! They’ve really helped me get through some tough times. They give me the extra boost of confidence and affirmation I need!!"

I've created these affirmations for our collective healing and am honored that you've entrusted me to share them with you. These cards can be used as an affirmation deck, as an oracle deck, or as sweet little self-love notes placed on your mirror, your desk, your altar or wherever you wish! May these cards serve as gentle reminders of our inner power and deepest truths.
all the love,
Arianna Opper, DO, AAMBH Founder

54 Cards Included

Each Sacred Empowerment deck includes 54 vibrant affirmation cards. Each card is 3.5" x 3.5" (about 9cm x 9cm)

Consciously Created

Our decks are printed in the USA with plant-based, eco-conscious ink. Each deck comes tucked into a handcrafted organic cotton bag for safekeeping.

Interested in opening a wholesale account with us for the Sacred Empowerment Deck? Please feel free to email our team at [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!

The Sacred Empowerment Deck, written & designed by Arianna Opper, DO
© 2018-2019 American Academy of Mind-Body Healing® LLC All Rights Reserved


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