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Generations of humans have celebrated and revered the heart as the source of love, healing, and emotion.
We all feel a connection to and through our hearts, and we deeply know that the heart's wisdom has been underestimated.  As we collectively attune to this awareness, more research & attention is being paid to the heart each day.
Physiologically, we've been taught that the heart is a simple pump, circulating blood throughout the body. We used to think that the heart primarily followed commands from the brain, but further research has found that the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.
The heart also generates an electrical field that's about 60 times greater than than that of the brain, and a magnetic field that's >100 times stronger than that of the brain.
      The human heart rate is variable by nature, determined by the state of balance between both arms of the autonomic nervous system, the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a marker of our body's health & physiological resilience. HRV is determined by many factors, including breathing pattern, exercise, and our current emotional state.
      When we experience heavy emotions such as anger, frustration, or despair, our heart rhythm pattern becomes irregular. When we experience expansive emotions of joy, gratitude, and love, our heart rhythm pattern becomes regular & sinusoidal in nature. This is the state of coherence, where autonomic regulation and synchronization between heart and brain activity occurs.
This has a significant effect on brain function, influencing emotional processing and higher cognitive functions such as memory, perception, attention, creativity, and problem-solving capacity. In the coherent state, physiological entrainment also occurs, meaning that the body's natural rhythms, (respiration, blood pressure, etc.) synchronize with the heart's rhythm and all of the body's organ systems function in harmony.


About this program:
This online program is 12 weeks long, with 6 modules that run for 2 weeks each.
Each module includes self-study videos, downloadable audio mediation sessions, and downloadable Heartwork reflection pages.
Each module will also include access to a live group Q&A call (conducted via Zoom conferences). Calls will be recorded and the replays will be available to the group for the duration of the program. You'll have the ability to pre-submit questions if you're not able to attend the call live with us. ๐Ÿค—

Your Heart As Your Own Purest Medicine

Physiologically, Heart Coherence brings the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic/parasympathetic) into balance, bringing the body's organ systems naturally into a homeostatic state.
Much research has shown that trauma affects the body physically, contributing to chemical & hormonal imbalance, improper or diminished immune function (autoimmune disease, chronic infections, etc.), and altered genetic expression (epigenetics). Autonomic regulation is also an essential component to healing from trauma, and heart coherence is a powerful self-healing tool to support this regulation. In this section, we'll also begin to explore development of energetic body awareness to support in processing stored trauma within the energy body through the heart. 

Your Heart As A Source Of Transformation

Many of us find ourselves getting swept up in the storm of the mind's stories & judgements. We've been collectively conditioned to resist & repress our emotions, which only creates further suffering.
Using heart-coherence based self-healing techniques, we'll repattern these habits of self-judgement & rumination.
Embracing all that we feel allows us to process emotions in a compassionate, non-repressive way. When we allow ourselves to truly feel what we feel, we experience the fluid and impermanent nature of emotional energies. This builds resiliency, restores our power to self-regulate, self-soothe, and feel at ease in our bodies and at peace with life itself.

Your Heart As An Empathic Healer

Many people drawn to this work are highly empathic & sensitive beings, but many of us feel exhausted, depleted and misunderstood. Being sensitive to the energies of others has been referred to time and again as "both a blessing and a curse". In this program, we're letting go of that disempowering narrative.  There's no need to put up energetic "shields" and barriers to protect ourselves from harm. The very idea if protection comes from a fear-based paradigm. It's time to shift this.
Together, we'll learn how to lovingly process heavy energies that we might "take on" from others.
It IS possible to be a light for others while still standing in your own power & authenticity.
Empathy is your superpower.
Sensitivity is strength.

Your Heart As A Portal To Wisdom & Intuition

Your heart is your greatest source of guidance. Many of us spend a lot of time overthinking & overanalyzing. Inundated with so much chaos & clutter in our environment, we experience decision fatigue on a daily basis, which further derails us from our inner truth. Inviting our awareness back into the heart allows us to make clearer decisions with mind and heart in harmony. In the heart coherent state, the prefrontal cortex (higher cognitive functioning) is significantly more active, meaning we aren't making decisions from a primal, fear-based place.
In this section, we'll explore different energetic methods of consulting the heart in order to make decisions that are aligned with our higher wisdom. We'll learn how to enhance our ability to listen to the heart's wisdom, exploring clairsentience, clairvoyance & clairaudience via the heart.

Your Heart As A Source Of Creativity & Manifestation

How many of the goals that we've set were never actually in alignment with the wisdom of our hearts? 
Our ability to create and manifest is enhanced when we're in the coherent state. In this section, we'll learn how to further enhance creativity, honor what's deeply asking to be expressed through us, and move fluidly through creative blocks.

Your Heart As A Visionary For The Collective

Embracing your wholeness is an act of service to the collective.
The world truly needs your heart right now in it's fullest wisdom & expression.
We'll explore what this means for you right now and moving into the future.

If this program resonates with you, but you don't have the financial means to enroll, we want you to feel comfortable either choosing the payment plan option, or reaching out to our team at [email protected] regarding our scholarship program. We'd love to send you an application. If you'd like to contribute to the scholarship program to support a fellow human's participation in this program, please also feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you to all for your honesty, transparency, compassion, and generosity.

Program Pricing: $697 (USD) or Four Payments of $188 (USD)


One Payment of $697

One-time payment of $697 (USD)



Four Payments of $188

Four payments of $188 (USD), billed monthly.


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