Back during one of my ER rotations in medical school, I was sitting at a computer finishing up a note, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a woman being led to a nearby bed, mid-panic attack.

I walked over to sit with her on the edge of the bed, and while we waited for her medication to arrive, I had a thought:

"What if I could share EFT Tapping with her, like right now?"

Knowing that EFT was a lot to take in and not so practical in that moment, I guided her through a much simpler tool, something I refer to today as "Single-Point Meridian Tapping".

Within less than a minute, her face softened, her chest and back opened up, her breathing slowed and deepened, her pupils returned to normal size, and the light came back into her eyes.

"What the heck just happened?!" she asked, "I feel like my whole body just unraveled."

This woman was brave.

She was open and WILLING to be vulnerable with me and try something "strange" & unknown in the moment.

We all have the power to do this, to try new things, to shift our perspective, and to RECONNECT with our bodies, even when (especially when) we feel most out of control.

Discomfort provides the most potent opportunities to heal & evolve.
After that shift that night, I walked out of the ER in my dorky blue scrubs holding an awareness deep within that I wanted to share this with more people. I too felt a deep discomfort and uncertainty then, a feeling that I totally wasn't in the right place, yet at the same time, I totally was.

I needed to feel that excitement of sharing Mind-Body Medicine,
I needed to feel the disappointment in the medical system,
I needed to meet that brave woman,
and I needed the discomfort of not knowing HOW I'd move forward in life and make "this" all happen.
I needed it all.

Fast-forward to the present: At least once a week, one of our students shares with me that Single-Point Meridian Tapping has prevented a panic attack, eased them out of an attack, or simply helped them to regain a sense of inner peace & comfort with life's uncertainty.

Amazing, right? So freaking cool.
I created a quick video for you today that goes through Single-Point Meridian Tapping (see above).

Thank you SO much for reading & watching, for taking the time to do this healing work, and for sharing this with others who may benefit.

All love,

❤︎ Dr. Arianna

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