Overcoming Shame - An EFT Tapping Session to Support Healing Toxic Shame

Toxic shame can be intense and distressing, and it may feel unfamiliar and strange even to take a few minutes to be with yourself and speak kindly to yourself. If you're new here (hi! 👋), I want to share that the focus of our work is not to resist or try to force ourselves out of heavy emotional experiences, but to cultivate compassion, kindness, and love for ourselves when we notice we're feeling + experiencing them.

In this EFT tapping meditation session for overcoming shame, you'll be gently guided through the conditioned resistance to feeling what you're feeling, opening you up to greater fluidity, receptivity, and healing. Shame is a secondary emotion, meaning that there are usually other emotional experiences underlying it that we haven't allowed ourselves to feel.

Many people experience this "toxic shame" in part because they learned that it wasn't safe to feel certain emotions earlier on in life. If you notice any past memories coming up, remember to stay with the breath, and the physical sensation of our fingertips and points on the body that you're tapping over. It's totally normal and ok to cry during the sessions and a gentle reminder that you can always pause the video and take a break! Hugs!


to work with Arianna 1-on-1, please visit this link: https://www.aambh.com/work-with-arianna


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