There's something in your heart that you deeply, deeply care about, something you wish to experience and create for yourself and for others.
There's also something holding you back, something that feels like it's bigger than you.
That something is fear. Fear tells us we won't be able to figure this out, that we're going to fail, fall flat on our faces, and that there will be no other options left.

I don't think that fearlessness exists. Even the bravest of individuals that have ever existed were not fearless. 

Have you noticed that when you have something deeply meaningful in your heart, yearning to be expressed, fear and excitement are both present simultaneously?
Often, the fear overwhelms the excitement because we invest so much energy in an attempt to resist it.
I don't think we should actively attempt to "get rid of our fear". I believe we learn to dance with our fears. I heard this from one of my mentors, Seth Godin, a while back. Isn't that a beautiful, dance with fear? Once we stop fighting fear, we free up so much energy to allow excitement to overpower fear, and to allow our hearts to take the lead in the dance.

The next time you feel overwhelmed by fear, I invite you to shift your attention to the excitement, and to amplify that in your heart. Here's an EFT tapping meditation I shared on our YouTube channel to support you in this practice ( and it is a practice - have compassion and patience with yourself, as always) . Feel free to tap along with me here, whenever you feel called to:


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