Healing from Chronic Shame

An EFT meridian tapping session to support in healing toxic shame

Black + White Thinking (Binary Thinking) is a Trauma Response

What is binary thinking, and how do we stop it?

Tapping to Overcome Self-Sabotage

A Guided Tapping Session

What is Trauma-Informed Meditation?

Can meditation + mind-body tools trigger us?

Mind-Body Practices for Self-Regulation

How can we learn to consciously self-regulate?

Feelings vs. Emotions + Emotional Regulation

A mind-body approach to conscious emotional regulation

The Unworthiness Wound

Your worth is not something you need to earn. It is your birthright.

Dealing with Self-Criticism

A simple but powerful practice to cultivate self-acceptance & self-compassion

Forgiveness is Your Liberation

A meditation & thoughts on forgiveness

EFT Tapping for Stress + Overwhelm

A Guided Tapping Meditation

The Power of Surrender

A short but powerful meditation for surrender

"I Am Enough" Meridian Tapping

A Guided Tapping Meditation

Cultivating Self-Trust

A Heart Coherence & Meridian Tapping Guided Session

Tapping When You're Angry

A Guided Tapping Meditation

Tapping When You're In Hopelessness & Despair

A Meridian Tapping Guided Session


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