As children, we naturally reside in a primarily theta brain wave state. We're learning, assimilating, and creating our idea of reality on this physical plane. Naturally, we end up taking on the ideas and "truths" of those around us, especially those we depend upon and look up to (parents, caregivers, teachers). 

Many of the belief patterns of adult humans are based in fear, lack and a false sense of permanence.

Many of the beliefs our parents and caregivers held originated from their parents and their perception of their own childhood experiences. This isn't where the story has to end, and I'm not sharing this to say "our parents messed us up and that's it."

No matter our upbringing/background/experiences, we have the ability to break this mutigenerational cycle of self-limiting patterning with LOVE, empathy, and AWARENESS.
Forgiveness is the most potent force and practice here. Forgiving our ancestors, forgiving ourselves.
Unlearning is part of every healing process.

Unlearning who we believed ourselves to be, unlearning those "truths" and trading them for what we know deeply within our hearts right now. Many of the Universal Truths we already knew as intuitive children, but the world told us we were wrong.

Healing is: unlearning, relearning, allowing our hearts, minds, and bodies to be open, allowing destruction to continuously make space for creation. 

Access the free audio download of the Forgiveness & Healing  Meditation (featuring the Ho'oponopono Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer)


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